The Sonrisa de V Beach Resort In Samal

I don’t know about you. But every time I go to the beach, I go there for the beach.

How about swimming pool by the beach?

I say pass to that one. While all those Infinity Pools out there look good on a professional photographer’s lens — especially when done as a feature article on a magazine — for me that vast amount of contained water is no match for the free-flowing saltwater.

Infinity pool with a view of the bitch?

Bitch beauty is can fun and fantastic to behold. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right? So I would still choose the beach over the bitch.

Falling In Love with Sonrisa

For me, a nice beach has the following bear minimum features:

  • Clean and clear waters
  • Fine White sand
  • Hermit crabs
  • View of nature

The Sonrisa de V Beach Resort in Samal has all that and more, which I’ll enumerate later. But first, I think I should mention that Sonrisa is not a new beach resort. It’s been there for a long time and local folks in Davao have probably been there a couple of time already. The beach resort was formerly called Palm Hill Garden Resort, but changed its name to Sonrisa de V when a new owner took over the place.

So, Sonrisa is the new Palm Hill, alright?

Why I Love Sonrisa

Very Quite — I know, some of you will equate being quite with being boring, but for others who are like me, a quite place is a first priority. By quite, I mean that when you go there, it feels like no one is there — just you and Nature. The resort is so solemn you could almost think you are in a monastery minus the monks of course.

Feels Private –Imagine that you have a beach front property – all 500-meter stretch of the frontage.

  • You can swim there any time you want.
  • Your kids and their friends are enjoying the heat of the summer sun.
  • Only you, your family and some friends are there.

Isn’t it nice to own such property?

When in Sonrisa, you can feel just like that. It is as if you own the place, without the headache that goes when paying for the real property tax! 😉

Close To Davao – There are a lot of other beach resorts in Samal. And some of the best are located in a place far from the island’s main point of entry. One other thing I like about Sonrisa is that it is close to Davao. In fact, you can see the beach line from Lanang, Davao – example from Waterfront Insular Hotel. This means that you can go there in the morning, just relax, and in the afternoon you can be back to Davao City. Back to reality, huh?

Some Photos Of Sonrisa

For those who have not been to Sonrisa in the past, the photos shown should give you an impression of the place.


Of course Sonrisa is not Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

There’s really not much amenities there, no fancy restaurant, no violins on a candle light dinner, no belly dancers, etc.

It’s a simple place for those who are after the simple pleasures of life that can be enjoyed by the beach.

If you are interested to visit the resort, please the contact detail is provided below.

Contact Sonrisa de V Beach Resort

Contact Person : Chubby Palma Hill
Phone: (082) 303-0709
Cellphone: 0927-878-5293


  1. carmen says

    If we plan to go there next weekend. Do we still need to make reservations since it will be weekend?