Bonsai Forest: Backpacking As Giants

The municipality of San Isidro, which is the smallest town in Davao Oriental, is not only known for its miniature land area. It also owns a Bonsai Forest with 16 species of century old trees that stand 1 foot to 5 feet tall covering an area that spreads to almost a thousand hectares with an elevation 5,345 feet as it main attraction.

Backpacking to Mt. Hamiguitan will not only offer beautiful scenery and sites that make you feel closer to untouched nature but it also offers river trekking that will make you experience plunging into its series of water falls along the way to the top not to mention its majestic Twin Falls.

bonsai forest in mount hamiguitan Along the trail giant Pitcher plants can be seen. If lucky enough Philippine trogon, Philippine scoops owl and other wild life and even Philippine Eagle can also be seen.

Also, unlike other mountains, Mt. Hamiguitan also has a hidden lake locally known as Tinagong Dagat which serves water hole for inhabiting wild life.

If backpacking is your thing, doing so in Mount Hamiguitan as Giant Backpacker would definitely be a lifetime adventure worth considering.

This article is contributed by Engr Albert Gabriel. When not busy with electronics and radio waves, you can see him backpacking the mighty peaks of the Philippines, sailing the blue waters of Davao, or just doing the unusual outdoor adventures only a few of us would dare to try.


  1. says

    People who understands bonsai knows that practices of wiring is used not to bind the tree and restrict growth, as is sometimes imagined, but to redirect growth.

  2. satoe says

    let’s protect Mt. Hamiguitan, sayang naman kapag pinabayaan, and allow big mining companies to operate in that area. It’s high time for Filipinos na magbago, at pangalagaan ang ating likas na yaman para naman sa ating next generation. Actually Mt. Hamiguitan ay mas maganda pa kay sa Mt Miajima sa Hiroshima Japan na World Heritage. PROUD TO BE PINOY.

  3. says

    i occasionally go to san isidro. it’s my mom’s province. unfortunately though i havent been to mt hamiguitan.


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