Davao City Map: Districts, Barangays, Roads

Are you a true-blooded Dabawenyo? How familiar are you with the places around Davao? Can you guide a total tourist when he asks you for a direction of a specific street?

Well, test yourself by answering some of the questions below.

1. The following are District names in Davao, except ______.

a) Buhangin
b) Matina
c) Baguio
d) Toril

2. Bago Gallera belongs to ______ District in Davao City.

a) Calinan
b) Toril
c) Talomo
d) Paquibato

3. Which school (main campus) in Davao city is not located in the downtown area?

a) San Pedro College
b) Brokenshire College
c) University of Mindanao
d) Davao Doctors College

If your answer to questions 1, 2 and 3 are b, c, and b, respectively, pat yourself at the back for you had just a perfect score! You have a good grasp of Davao’s geography. Well, as far as those three questions can tell.

Davao City Philippines MapFor the rest of you who scored poorly on the quiz, you don’t have to despair. Here is another map on Davao City that can serve as your cheat sheet to some of the places you only hear about or some you may not even be aware of. Click on the image shown to get a better view of the map.

And sshhhh… if you know someone who hails from Davao, it’s your turn to test him or her. Try these:

1. Which place is nearer the city proper: Tibungco or Panacan?

2. Where is Mental located? North? South? (Oops, take note of the spelling. That’s Mental not Mintal. Confusing, huh?)


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  2. justin says

    Yung map sa http://www.traveller.com/blog/category/davao-maps/ bale i think may mga portion na mali or misplaced kasi po mas malapit po sa may brgy. new carmen ang mandug and hindi po ang indangan and ang indangan po ay nasa likod ng mandug and there was no malagos in mandug its in baguio district. kindly check lang po kasi po baka makapagbigay tayo ng maling info or un-updated info po. thank you


  3. says

    I am not a true blue Dabawenyo but I really love Davao. Although di ko nasagot 100% correctly ung questions, I still love Davao. =) Looking forward to visit your place again. =)

  4. Virgie says

    I’m originaly from Davao City, I was born there in Piape Quezon Blvd. I’ve been away for so long 26 yrs.I visited my home town twice only, the last time I visit Davao that was 16 years ago. I still have my brother and sisters living in Blvd. I guess my old home town has improve a lot, all those big shopping mall wasnt sprouted yet when I was there for a visit,but I remember they’re tearing down all those old buildings on J.P.Laurel Ave. and the old Boy Scout Building and all the old building in MAtina area. I guess its about time for me to visit back my old home town again Davao City.


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