Best Beach Resorts in Samal Island, Davao

Have you ever tried asking a Dabawenyo which beach resorts in Davao he would recommend? If he is like most people who are familiar with Davao, his finger would naturally point to the direction of the neighboring Samal Island. The Island Garden City of Samal boasts of having the best white-sand beach resorts near the Davao City area including the famous Pearl Farm Beach Resort and the local favorite Paradise Island Beach Resort. A little stretch of imagination would lead you to believe that there could be some other unknown beach resorts in that area that are equally good, a lot cheaper and that offer more privacy.

Here is a list of the beach resorts you might want to consider when you go to the Island Garden City of Samal.

  • Pearl Farm Beach Resort
    Location : Adecor, Kaputian
    Contact : (082) 221-9970-75,(082) 235-0876
    Fax (082) 221-7729, (082) 235-0873
  • Sonrisa de V (formerly Palm Hill Beach Resort)
    Location : Caliclic
    Land Line Number : 082-303-0709
    CellPhone : 0927-878-5293
    Contact Person : Chubby Palma Hill
  • Bluewaters
    Location : Limao, Samal
    CellPhone : 0919 337-6987
  • Budyong Beach Resort
    Location : Camudmud, Babak
    Contact Number : (082) 227-8574
  • Buenavista Island Resort
    Location : Small Ligid
    Contact Numbers : (082) 296-1442, (082) 299-2992
  • Canibad Beach Resort
    Location : Aundanao, Samal
    Contact : On site
  • Chemas Garden Resort
    Location : Limao, Samal
    Contact : 0917 702 5832
  • Coco Beach Resort
    Location : Caliclic, Babak
    Contact : Onsite
  • Coral Garden & Marine Park
    Location : Talicud Island
    Contact : (082) 227-0963
    Telefax : (082)227-0964
  • Costa Marina Beach Resort
    Location : Limao, Samal
    Contact : (082) 233-1209
    Fax : (082) 233-0229
  • Gumoni Beach Resort
    Location : Tagpopongan
    Contact : (082) 222-0461
  • Holy Cross Beach & Training Center
    Location : Camudmud, Babak
    Contact : (082) 221-9071 to 76
  • Isla Reta Beach Resort
    Location : Sta. Cruz, Talicud
    Contact : (082) 234-0903
  • Jim’s Island Beach Club
    Location : Libud, Tagbaobo, Kaputian
    Contact : (082) 224-2546 to 47
    Fax : (082) 221-2121 Mr. Jimmy Pe Benito
  • Kaputian Beach Park
    Location : Poblacion, Kaputian
    Contact : (082) 227-0963
    Telefax : (082) 227-0964
  • Kay Vangie Pool Bar
    Location : Poblacion, Babak
    Contact : On Site
  • Paradise Island Beach Resort
    Location : Caliclic, Babak
    Contact : (082) 223-0251, (082) 234-1229
    Fax : (082) 234-2926
  • Punta del Sol Beach Resort
    Location : Catagman, Samal
    Contact : (082) 301 4018
  • Samal Island Beach Park
    Location : Caliclic, Babak
    Contact : (082) 222-1585
    Telefax : (082) 222-5935
  • Isla Beach Resort
    Location : Caliclic., Babak
    Contact : On Site
  • Dayang Beach Resort
    Location : Talicud Island
    Contact : On Site
  • Fernandez Beach Resort
    Location : Peñaplata, Samal
    Contact : On Site
  • Pacific Little Secret
    Location : Talicud Island
    Contact : (082) 235 1325
  • Mahan Garden Resort
    Location : Caliclic, Babak
    Contact : (082) 301 4022
  • La Vida Orchard
    Location : Catagman, Samal
    Contact : (082) 301 4444
  • Monina Garden Resort
    Location : Pichon, Babak
    Contact : (082)301 4068
  • Anamarina Resort
    Location : Balet, Babak
    Contact : On Site



    You are missing ILIHAN BEACH RESORT of Samal as one of the best beaches you can be proud of. Visit the place and find out yourself. Thanks

  2. says

    Hi CJ,

    Thanks for visiting the At the moment, we don’t have the price yet. But, we’ll try to get that one. If you are in a hurry, better if you contact them through the phone numbers.

  3. Ruby Uy says

    Ilihan Beach Resort
    Barangay Camudmud, Babak
    Island Garden City of Samal
    Tel. No.: Celphone: 09202544920
    Landline: 2245345

  4. Jenny says

    It’s good to have this “directory..” I didn’t expect to find one on the internet. We have our best beaches in Samal and it’s really something we should be proud of..Perhaps it would be best if snapshots/pictures would also be posted as well as price ranges of rooms, cottages, entrance fees, etc..or if it’s so hard to get, then contact numbers would be okay..We are having our Christmas Party ’07 at Isla Beach Resort at Caliclic, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal. Contact Person there is LUCY UY – 0927-504-9059.

  5. tiara de avila says

    hola ustedes!

    i stay in pearl farm moy linda but too must money, after i go to hofgorei resort not far, no must money but more beautiful, verdad moy linda. why not look before. maybe you checking. garantisado very good.

    tiara del bolivia

  6. says

    im really proud of our family’s own beach resort at canibad located at brgy. aundanao..even that it is my place im always excited everytime when my mom says well’ vicit our house there…people who comes there always say that it should be name “Little boracay”, many foreigners also vicit the resort to enjoy snorkling and scuba diving together with the pretty corals and many kinds of fish…i love my canibad..everyone is invited to swim..

  7. Amy says


    We are planning to visit Davao on Feb 2008 and it’s good to see this list of all resorts in Samal. If we are staying 4 nights, can we go resort-hopping like staying in a diff beach resort every night? What are the available mode of transportation to these various resorts?


  8. ace says

    nice to see beaches over samal but need to see some features like photographs of the beach, accomodations and other features pa para we have an overview on the place na pwede magandang puntahan..

  9. peachy says

    me and my best friends recently visited HOF GOREI… its very solemn.. very nice beach resort.. and affordable.. i was amaze at the place… try to visit hof gorei

  10. Abi says

    Stayed at hofgorei. The place was well kept and clean. OK for the price. The food though….worse than my cooking. For the price P250-P320 a plate. You would think that it will be as good as a 3*** restaurant. We were very disappointed. You can’t even walk at the beach barefooted. The kids ended up with lots of scratches. Won’t recommend to friends and families. Been there and never will go back again! And one more thing. Bring an earplug when you ride their bangka. We all ended up with a headache.

  11. Abi says

    Hi Karen,,,,interested to see your family owned resort. Can you tell us more about it. What are the amenitiies and how can we contact for reservation.

  12. tipen says

    can somebody help us contact pacific little secret… we tried calling the contact numbers posted above but it seemed that nobody knows about the resort…

    any suggestion of a beach resort in kaputian or talicud…


  13. Jimmy Pe Benito says

    Discover unspoilt underwater flora and fauna at Jim’s Island in Libod, Kaputian, Samal.

  14. says

    hi..we will be having our retreat this coming july 24-25 for 25 pax, and we are looking for a nyc and cozy place which is very affordable (accomodation and food, and ammenities). paradise is good but we dont have enough budget for their package price. could u pls help us? looking forward for your immediate response. thanks and God bless!

  15. says

    hi karen, ive read wat u wrote, can i have ur number kasi we will be having our retreat on july 24-25, just want to inquire…tnx.

  16. -=honey_baby=- says

    try to contact this number of PACIFIC’S LITTLE SECRET RESORT in samal…0917-747-7637…hope it did help…tnx…

  17. peachbum says

    Hi, planning a beach wedding in Davao – any suggections to which resort. Pearl farm in out of the question as we are having about 300 guest so its going to be really expensive. Dont want to enter married life in debt but also want to make the rest of our big family happy.

  18. ryan says

    it would be good if you have photos for each resort. in that way, we can appreciate it better and it would be easier for us to choose. daghang salamat

  19. halicoryne says

    my friends are planning to visit samal next year and the directory provided here indeed is very helpful. but then it would be much better if the accomodation rates, amenities, photos and other relevant information are also posted. hope it will be soon..thanks and good day..

  20. belle says

    .’ei,, the contact #s that you’ve posted for kaputian beach park were not accessible, its not yet in service

  21. shirlyn says

    I agree..I usually spend time to recharge my soul at samal and among the beaches I’ve been too ,(except pearl farm) I found out that ILIJAN Beach resort is one place a traveller should’t miss. Aside from the fact that its affordable, the place is also serene and the scene is picture perferct too. I’m planning to go to Bali bali beach resort too..I hope I can find time and enjoy there also.

  22. Janus says

    Hi, I tried calling the telnum for Kaputian Beach park, but it’s not working. Is there any other contact info? preferably mobile num?

    Would anyone know if the resort(s) in Kaputian are open during the New Year? Are there bangkas going to/from Kaputian on New Year?


  23. says

    is it true that the extreme samal zipline have been removed.. for the meantime that is. would it be up and running before the 25th?

  24. lea te says

    hi, where can we reserve cottages for isla reta online? do they have a website? where can we contact them? tnx

  25. feritz nang says

    la vida orchard resort in catagman, samal offers good accommodation with secured parking space for travellers with vehicle. hospitable staff and answers my requests easily. the place is small, yet perfect for small group gatherings and it can hold functions up to 50-60 pax. aircondition rooms are superb!!! nice garden and quaint ambience….very private.
    you can contact them, 09177852562/09238031442

  26. Steve says

    On a boat trip along the west side of Samal Island we saw a tall multi levelled pagoda overlooking the ocean. It was not far from Talikud Island. Does anyone know the name of this resort and phone number if possible ? Thankyou

  27. says

    the multi levelled you saw was called The Samal Dream Resort.they say it will be open early next year……….

  28. lei gonzales says

    pwede update po ng contact number ng pacific’s little secret? di kasi macontact ung nakalagay sa taas..thnx!

  29. karen says

    Hi, I am wondering if you could help me. I am wanting to visit davao when staying with my friend in olongapo city. I will be travelling with my friend and her baby. I have been looking at samal but am unsure where is best to stay. I really want to visit maxima aqua fun and maybe some waterfall. I love the beach and pool. I have been looking at Hof Gorei Resort but was unsure if I would be able to get to maxima from here. I have also looked at bluejaz resort and paradise island. I dont want to be somewhere where we are stuck and cant visit places unless spending a fortune but want somewhere nice. Have you any advice? Thanks, Karen

  30. Ces says


    Is there any beach called Villa Amparo Garden Resort In Samal? I watched ABS-CBN ( Mag TV, sadya ta”) I heard about it , where Buenavista Beach Resort was featured also. Can u give me the details of that beach.

  31. Chloe says


    I would like to bring my 99 year-old grandma and my 3 adolescent nieces to a nice beach in Samal next week. Can anyone recommend me a resort or accomodation where we can cook? Preferably near the beach. We are planning to stay for at least 1 week.
    Pls contact me with your reply :09215294114
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  32. says

    Hi Chloe,

    You may want to try the Sonrisa Beach Resort. They allow you to bring and cook your meals. You just have to bring your cooking stuff their. Or alternatively, they can cook for you.

    Make sure you inquire at the phone number provided here.